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nrkn LiveJournal


9 October
I'm fascinated by practically every field of knowledge and study. I am currently a freelance web developer. I live in Auckland, New Zealand.
1984, 665, a perfect circle, a.e. van vogt, aldous huxley, animal communication, animation, anthropology, aretha franklin, art, artifical intelligence, ayn rand, barney wilen, beastie boys, bizarre, bob dylan, books, brave new world, carl sagan, cartoons, cats, cetaceans, chance, change, charlie parker, cheese, chimpanzees, chocolate, coding, coffee, comedy, computers, cooking, cowboy junkies, creativity, david bowie, david mitchell, dead kennedys, delphi, deviantart, diceman, doom, doors, douglas adams, drawing, dreams, drinking, education, ella fitzgerald, equality, fantasy, fluke, friendship, fruityloops, fun, games, garbage, george orwell, graphic design, graphics, greg bear, happiness, heart of saturday night, hip hop, hr giger, html, humor, humour, iain banks, iggy pop, illusion, imagination, individuality, internet, isaac asimov, j.r.r. tolkien, jazz, kinky friedman, kurt vonnegut, learning, lego, logic, lotr, lou reed, louis armstrong, love, luke rhinehart, miles davis, mp3s, music, my friends, night's dawn trilogy, nina simone, objects, orangutans, parody, patterns, people, peter f. hamilton, philosophy, photography, php, poetry, portishead, primus, programming, radiohead, rain dogs, random, randomness, reading, reason, red hot chili peppers, reggae, richard bach, rob zombie, rock, romance, satire, science fiction, sex, short stories, sixsixfive, ska, sociology, something awful, strange, terry pratchett, thai food, the clash, the cure, the prodigy, tom waits, tool, unusual, web development, webdesign, ween, white stripes, words, writing