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A maladjusted marshmallow, sticky and insecure, and his friend the extroverted envelope. Together they have adventures that put ordinary confectionery-stationery teams to shame. In the first episode we meet their mentor, Crazy Finger for a Nose Man. He helps our marshmallowian friend to overcome his fear of underemployed badgers, whilst our besmirched and bestamped postal accessory makes wry, thoughtful comments on the state of village life in Northumbria. The episode is nicely tied up with a slap up dinner of turf at the local fleamongers.

***** 5 stars.

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Once upon a time there was a duck named Harold. One day, as Harold was swimming around a particularly mucky pond, a great and terrible light flashed on the horizon. The next day all of Harold's feathers fell out and he died.

The End.


I just got an email from ooh_daisy, "Your mutual friend ooh_daisy has noticed that you last updated your journal on LiveJournal 49 weeks ago!". Oops, that's nearly a year :| Looks like a lot of stuff has changed since I was last here, what's this ScrapBook thing about then? Aside from my real-life friends the only person from here I've talked to in forever is Tara (nogoodusernames) because she's often on MSN when I sign in.

I wonder if this is going to be an isolated post or if I'll get back into the habit of posting again? I used to really enjoy LJ, I don't know what changed.

Anyway, hi everyone :)

Bad Jokes

Man, you know when you hear a joke that is so bad, you just have to repeat it?

Q: Why are pirates called pirates?

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I can't believe I didn't find this sooner.

Mr Picassohead!

Like Mr Potatohead, only a million times cooler. I have been busy, as you can see:

Self portrait:



Che Guevara:

And she was...

Er, what the fuck: